Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving D.C. Trip

Hi guys! I've missed you! How was your Thanksgiving? Wonderful, I hope?!

My apologies for vanishing for a bit. We decided to take a big ol' break from technology and enjoy time with family in one of the most amazing cities in the world- Washington D.C. Even though I was frozen nearly the entire trip, we kept busy and squeezed in as much as we possibly could. Here are some pictures from a very memorable holiday ;)

We started our trip at a little cafe that served homemade pop tarts! Peanut butter bacon was delish and the sweet potato marshmallow was nothing short of delightful.

Then we did all things history and soaked it up like a sponge (quite literally because we stood in the pouring rain for the White House tour :)

The Holocaust Memorial Museum was really tough to get through, but after 3 hours of reading as much as we possibly could, we sat in the lobby and just reflected for a bit. Words cannot express the somber and stillness of that place.

Thanksgiving Day was the highlight of the trip I think. Being surrounded by my new family is more wonderful than I can ever describe. MB, Bob, Rach, Huzz, and Jacky Boy (and Jimbo taking the picture) were the best sort of  company on such a significant holiday.

We also had the special treat of going into a Senator's office while we were there. Seth's cousin, Jimmy, is the Director of Communications for Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee. We felt pretty darn cool as we got a glimpse of a more "behind the scenes" look at Washington. Above is a picture of me in the conference room. I nabbed me some free Good and Plenty's AND a cherry moon pie from the office. Yumm-o! And to make it that much more awesome, we had a private guided tour of the Capitol without the masses and we got to ride on the underground tram for people with special stickers :)

We ate some of the best food in town, we experienced a lousy hamburger that tasted like fish at Mount Vernon's food court, we waited outside in a line for 40 minutes just to eat a Georgetown Cupcake, we saw a bunch of old Kennedy's at Arlington National Cemetery, we popped into a tour at Ford's theatre, we went to the Air and Space Museum for a few hours, and we strolled along the Potomac as the sun was setting.

And to top off a most incredible trip, we woke up early before our flight out of Baltimore and made the trek to Gettysburg with the crew. It was really really awesome! 

I'm forever grateful for all of my blessings, but this year I am especially grateful for my freedoms and for my new family. They are the best kind of people and I will always cherish my Thanksgiving spent in D.C. with them.

P.S. Our Relationship Part 4 is maƱana :)


  1. Love DC. I miss it there. I lived in Alexandria, VA. Have you ever been to Old Town? I lived right by there. Oh Georgetown Cupcakes are sensational!! haha. So jealous you went.

  2. Lovely!! Thank you for sharing your pictures and good times!!

    Love, jo


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