Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Mother's Day Gift to Remember

A little over 3 years ago, this letter was written and sent to me via email by one of my closest friend's husband-- one of the only family's to know- really know- what was happening in my life at that time.

It may have only taken a few minutes for him to write…. it may be only one paragraph in length… but the timing and thoughtfulness of this letter 3 years ago (during a time when I felt like the world's biggest failure and was desperately searching for hope again)…. the words it contained and the whole gesture of kindness holds a special place in my heart and has since gone down as one of the most unexpected and considerate gifts I have ever received.

Date: May 5, 2011 10:46:45 AM MDT
To: Jacy Lee <>
Subject: Mother's Day
With the approach of Mother’s day, my thoughts are turned to the incredible mothers who have influenced my life – my mom, my mother-in-law, my wife – and this year I am adding you to that list. With the unbelievably difficult hand that you have been dealt over the past 15 months, your faith and devotion to Little Dude have never wavered. In fact, you have taken on additional burdens to ensure his physical and emotional well being, a fact that speaks volumes to your unbelievable character. You are an amazingly brilliant, beautiful, powerful woman and my family is so much better for having been blessed with your friendship. While my wife thinks of you as a dear and close friend, I like to think of you as a little sister and I hope you are comfortable thinking of me as an older brother (I really am getting old). I am more than happy to fix a leaking faucet or help however else I can. We love you and will always be here for you, day or night. Never hesitate to ask.
This Mother’s day I’ll be thinking of you and I hope you are able to revel in your role of mother to the best little guy in world. You deserve to enjoy it!!!
Much peace and love, 

Words cannot express how much this simple act of kindness brightened my melancholy spirit and boosted my esteem and energy-- energy that, quite frankly, I literally didn't have a moment before.


So…. with the approach of Mother's Day this year, while you're out and about shopping for the perfect gift for Mom, I want to offer you something a little bit different-- something that makes a wonderful tradition, something that the memory alone can outlive any tangible present you buy and give.

What if this year in honor of this special holiday, you compose a few letters to the women in your life (other than your own mom) in which you express your appreciation and/or notice of the wonderful job they are doing in their role of motherhood? 

Can you imagine the unexpected joy it would bring to the hearts and souls of so many women this week?

Maybe you choose to write to a stay-at-home-mom who is always on the go and seems to have it down to an art? Or a mom who you know is struggling because being a mom is just downright hard sometimes? Or a single mom who is going at it alone? Or an elderly woman in your neighborhood whose children live far away and is aching for someone to acknowledge her? Or a mom who is going through a difficult divorce? Or a mom who works full time and is trying to juggle both? Or even to a woman who is unable to bear children (or in the thick of fertility treatments), making this holiday a painful reminder of her circumstance?

No matter who you choose, whether you're writing words of adoration, encouragement or a message of hope, will you make some time and do it before this Sunday? It can be handwritten sent via snail mail or typed and emailed as my letter was. You can send them anonymously or signed with your name. They can be a few paragraphs or even just a sentence or two. Whatever you decide, I promise that if you do this, your words will be of great impact to those receiving them and the loving gesture will probably go down as one of the sweetest Mother's Day gifts they have ever received.

At least that's what it was for me.

**WHO'S WITH ME? Do you have someone in mind already? If so, get writing! If not, take a few days to think about it, and then get writing! And maybe you should be brave and pick someone you normally wouldn't write to, thus opening the door to a possible new/better friendship. I have a list of names who I'm going to write to and I'm doing them TODAY :)


  1. Count me in! I love this idea. I've been thinking about what I could do for other single or struggling mothers during this holiday and this is perfect! Thank you!

  2. Love that! Last year I prepared a breakfast tray for 2 widow/neighbors that their husband both suddenly passed. Left it on their door steps with a Happy Mother's day sign.. Felt awesome. Funny thing was... someone had already left flowers and chocolates on these ladies doorsteps. They were well cared for and I feel like I should do something again now! :0)

  3. This is a wonderful idea. Thank you - I'm in and reflecting on some beautiful women in my life.

  4. I'm completely in! There is a woman at church who has been such an inspiration to me, and I've been wondering what I can do to acknowledge what she means to me! This will be perfect!

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